June Miko

Anonymous asked:

Hey beautiful, you say your a fairly new trap...well how new? Did you decide to change something or is this a more natural you? What about the supermarket could you feel comfortable there? I know...I know a ton of questions right, but we the audience must know more and we've barely scratched the surface...

Been a trap for 1 1/2 years now, everything is pretty much natural :) never took hormones but might . and yea i feel comfortable in public :)

Anonymous asked:

Hi, I frequently check your tumblr and your pictures are great it's just you don't say anything about yourself. What do you do in your spare time...what are your passions when your not taking stunning photos? I'm really intresed in what you have to say, or is this the wrong place to ask?

im just a nerd lol, vidya games, anime and drawing pretty much it lol